Proposal Solutions for MACs

Fedmarket offers two proposal writing services for Multiple Award Contract opportunities (IDIQs, GWACS).  
  • Purchase a model proposal: $1,200  
  • Purchase full proposal writing services using the model proposal as a basis for the customer and Fedmarket producing an edited proposal ready for submittal: $3,600

What is a model proposal?  

Fedmarket prepares a model proposal as follows:  

  1. Reverse engineer (deconstruct) the Request for Proposal into a Compliance Matrix 
  2. Use the Compliance Matrix to organize a fully compliant proposal outline. In other words, an RFP driven outline based on precisely what the government is requesting in the RFP.
  3. Add color-coded RFP requirements from Sections L (Proposal Instructions) & Section M (Evaluation Criteria) of the RFP to assist customers in writing company-specific content. (All colored coded requirements and instructions are deleted by us in the final editing process in the full-service option).
  4. Add legacy content from our proposal library to the outline.
  5. Add chapter introductions, tables, and standard formats to the outline.
  6. Add red instructions to the outline telling customers precisely what is needed from them to complete the proposal. 

* Steps 1 thru 6 produce the Model Proposal and the model is delivered for the $1,200 price with no further assistance from Fedmarket.  You are responsible for monitoring the solicitation and making the appropriate updates as issued from FBO. 

* For the $3,600 full-service option the customer sends Fedmarket customer specific content (per our red instructions) and Fedmarket builds, edits, and assures all modifications to the original proposal are addressed.  We return to you a  complete proposal ready for submittal.  

Proposal Solutions for MACs

select your desired product
ACT2 Full-Service$3,600
ACT2 Model Proposal $1,200
ITSS-5 Full-Service$3,600
ITSS-5 Model Proposal $1,200
VA VECTOR Model Proposal $1,800
SETI Full-Service$3,600
SETI Model Proposal$1,800