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The proposal library also includes, at no extra cost, 4 proposal samples. The samples are taken from winning proposals. The samples can be modified and refined to fit a new RFP thus saving hundreds of hours rather than starting from scratch.


Proposal Library

Don't reinvent the wheel each time you write a proposal.

Proposal writing costs are prohibitive if each proposal is written from scratch. The Proposal Library provides over 70 pages of model text which can be used and refined for each new proposal. Cost effective proposal writing is impossible without an ever growing proposal library.

Use the Proposal Library and add content for each new proposal. Your proposal library will become more and more valuable each time you write a proposal.

The Proposal Library includes the following documents, for a detailed look at what is included under each heading, click here

Compliance Matrix Model
Executive Summary Model
Technical Approach Model
Management Approach Model
Personnel Model
Corporate Experience / Past Performance Model
Bid / No-Bid Decision Making
Proposal Management Schedule Format

Enhance your Proposal Library with the addition of Price Proposal Templates

Federal price proposals require Cost/Price Formats that are compliant with Federal Cost Accounting Standards. Fedmarket offers the following four standard federal templates. To read more about each template click here.

  • Direct Labor Development
  • Rate Burdening
  • Staffing
  • Time & Materials

The templates are prices at $290 each, or purchased all for $990. If purchased in conjunction with the Proposal Library all 4 templates can be yours for an additional $500.

Proposal Library $490


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