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How We Work with You to Develop a Winning Proposal:

Our proposal team uses the RFP as the basis for building a detailed proposal outline. The proposal development process (with the customer) is as follows.

  1. At the start of every proposal-writing project, we deconstruct the RFP. We review the proposal, sentence by sentence, and build a complete proposal outline that addresses each proposal requirement, meaningful term, and condition.
  2. Add the content of every RFP amendment to the outline.
  3. Add instructions, customer notes, and draft solutions to the outline (as available) and add available content from our repository of model proposal content.
  4. Send the outline to the customer with instructions showing proposal information needed. Work with customer personnel by telephone to assist in preparing the information.
  5. Add corporate experience descriptions, resumes, and technical and management plan content received from the customer.
  6. Flag the missing content in the outline and assign writing tasks to the technical writers, with instructions to draft content.
  7. Assign content deadlines. Compile content, conduct reviews, edit and publish the proposal.

Our Proposal Team's Successful Contract Awards Include:

  • Two customers were awarded a spot on the HHS 10-year NQIIC IDIQ contract
  • Customer wins a spot on the $17.5B DISA ENCORE III IT Support contract.
  • Customer was awarded FLYREEL contract for the National Cryptologic School.
  • 29 customers won a spot on STARS II vehicle
  • Customer wins spot on $10B DLITE II
  • Customer wins Field Communications contract for Dept. of Interior
  • Customer wins a spot on ALLIANT 2 vehicle
  • Client awarded a spot on Human Capital & Training Solutions (HCaTS) - over $11B in value over 10 years, only 37 small businesses were awarded a contract
  • Client awarded a spot on the Program Management, Administrative, Operations and Technical Support Services (PACTS II) IDIQ contract - more than $1.5B to be awarded to SDVOSB businesses only.
  • Client awarded a spot on the USN's SeaPort-e contract - more than $5.3B to be awarded under that vehicle
  • Several clients were awarded spots on the GSA One Acquisition Solution for Integrated Services (OASIS) small business pool (2013) with a potential for billions of dollars in business over 10 years.
  • Several clients received awards for the 5-year HHS/CMS Quality Innovation Network (QIN) Quality Improvement Organization (QIO) contract.
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