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Fedmarket handles all aspects of preparation for you; producing a persuasive and compliant proposal.

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Proposal Writing (Full Service)

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Fedmarket's Structured System for Writing Compliant and Compelling Proposals:

The Fedmarket RFP Deconstruction System uses the RFP as the basis for building a detailed proposal outline. The proposal development process (with the customer) is as follows.

  1. At the start of every proposal-writing project, we deconstruct the RFP. We review the proposal, sentence by sentence, and build a complete proposal outline that addresses each proposal requirement, meaningful term, and condition.
  2. Add the content of every RFP amendment to the outline.
  3. Add instructions, customer notes, and draft solutions to the outline (as available) and add available content from our repository of model proposal content.
  4. Send the outline to the customer with instructions showing proposal information needed. Work with customer personnel by telephone to assist in preparing the information.
  5. Add corporate experience descriptions, resumes, and technical and management plan content received from the customer.
  6. Flag the missing content in the outline and assign writing tasks to the technical writers, with instructions to draft content.
  7. Assign content deadlines. Compile content, conduct reviews, edit and publish the proposal.
Proposal Writing Services$4,000