Proposal Compliance Review

Everyone needs a second pair of eyes. Don’t watch the proposal you have slaved over end up in the “No” pile because of a technicality.

When submitting a federal proposal, there is no room for error period, no matter how small or insignificant it may be. Evaluators look for these minor mistakes to quickly eliminate a proposal and reduce the number of submissions in their “to evaluate pile.”

Make sure your proposal receives a complete review by evaluators, contract with Fedmarket for a compliance review.

A senior member of Fedmarket’s proposal team will:

  • Read through the RFP
  • Identify critical elements of the RFP
  • Present you will a compliance matrix based on the most recent version of the RFP

Deliverables – A compliance matrix completed by Fedmarket, noting completed documents, missing information, and input on items that need correction.

*Proposal must be submitting to Fedmarket for review at least seven days before the due date.

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