About Fedmarket

"We believe anyone can succeed in the government marketplace. Doing so takes tenacity and patience but the benefits are well worth the effort." Richard White, Founder, Fedmarket

Transform your aspirations into achievements in the government marketplace with Fedmarket. Founded in 1995 by Richard White, Fedmarket is your go-to resource for both aspiring and established federal contractors. We are dedicated to empowering you to sell more to the federal government, providing the expertise and tools you need for success.

Why Fedmarket?
Navigating the government marketplace requires tenacity and patience, and we believe anyone can succeed with the right support. With close to 30 years of experience in GSA Schedules and federal proposal writing we can help you reap the benefits of federal contracting while overcoming the unique challenges it presents.

Our Comprehensive Solutions:
Fedmarket offers a wide range of products, services, and training to cover all aspects of federal contracting. From GSA Schedules and proposal writing to business development and contract management solutions, we have you covered. Our goal is to simplify federal contracting and make it as profitable as possible.

Who We Work With:
Whether you're new to the federal marketplace or an established player looking to expand, we work with customers at every stage. Our expertise caters to those seeking a realistic assessment of challenges, tactical solutions for increased federal sales, or strategic marketing and sales programs.

Our Offering Includes:

  1. Professional Services: Our subject matter experts specialize in GSA Schedules and federal proposal writing.
  2. Free Content: eBooks, Whitepapers and Newsletters to answer you government procurement questions and provide education to those new to the marketplace.
  3. Tools and Applications: Proposal templates for federal RFPs and GSA schedule proposals. We provide comprehensive support for compliance requirements, proposal writing, GSA Schedule contract management, and more.

Fedmarket blends realism, expertise, and a can-do attitude to propel our customers to the next level in federal sales. The question is, are you ready to elevate your success in the government marketplace? Take action with Fedmarket today!

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