About Fedmarket

"We believe anyone can succeed in the government marketplace. Doing so takes tenacity and patience but the benefits are well worth the effort." Richard White, Founder, Fedmarket

Founded in 1995, Fedmarket's mission is to help aspiring and established federal contractors sell more to the federal government. Fedmarket is today the leading resource for companies trying to break into the business of selling to the federal government, and for companies with existing federal contracts that want to consolidate their presence in this competitive marketplace.

Marketing and selling to the federal government is different from landing commercial contracts. Fedmarket's offering is designed to enable organizations overcome the unique challenges of selling into the federal sector: our products, services, and training cover all aspects of federal contracting, ranging from GSA Schedules, proposal writing, and business development, to devising sales strategy, designing contract management solutions, and locating buyers who buy what you sell.

Our goal is to make federal contracting as simple--and as profitable--as possible through our one-stop source for information and expertise. Fedmarket's free content, training seminars, procurement data products, and hands-on consulting services enable organizations to achieve their federal sales goals. We work with:

  • Customers new to the federal marketplace who are hungry for a realistic assessment of the challenges that will confront them, and ways to address them
  • Customers successfully selling in the federal marketplace who are looking for tactical solutions to overcome specific circumstances that stand between them and increased federal sales
  • Customers who have entered the marketplace and want to develop a strategic marketing and sales program based on the fundamentals that drive federal sales success
  • Customers established in the marketplace that are looking to expand their market share faster or with additional, expert support.

Fedmarket's offering covers four areas:

  • Professional services - our subject matter experts specialize in GSA Schedules, federal sales, proposal writing, procurement procedures, and preference programs.
  • Seminars and workshops - the courses presented cover a range of topics relevant to both current and aspiring federal contractors and are delivered through various media: hands-on workshops, seminars, webinars, and netcasts.
  • Tools and applications - these include everything from quick start guides to software applications that address and support compliance requirements, proposal writing, GSA Schedule contract management, and other functions central to the success of a federal contractor.
  • Data and research products - resources span from search engines focused on identifying procurement opportunities and databases that provide contact information for federal buyers, to in depth analysis of procurement trends.

At its core, Fedmarket blends a strong dose of reality, deep expertise, and a can-do attitude to propel those customers that work with it to the next level in federal sales. Are you one of them yet?