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An individual RFP has been issued for each each socio-economic group. You may purchase additional templates after the purchase of a full price template. Please note your selection for your full-price template in the comments section of your order form; select one of the following: Small Business, Unrestricted, WOSB. SDVOSB, HUBZone, or 8(a).


The OASIS + IDIQ Final has been released.
Due date has been extended to 10/20/23

OASIS + Final RFP was released June 15, 2023.

NOTE: There is a separate RFP for each of the 6 tracks.

To learn more, or for assistance in preparing or making a bid/no bid decision call (301) 960-5817 to set-up a consulting call.

GSA will use a self-scoring methodology in the evaluation process. You have to reach a threshold to be a contender for an award.

GSA has set 36 points as a minimum score, 50 being the maximum score. Each domain has a separate matrix for each domain, so you must hit the 36-credit threshold in all of them to move on.

You will have to submit documentation backing up how you have scored yourself so GSA can verify your score. 

GSA’s will not limit the number of OASIS+ awards.

Details of OASIS Plus Services Offered By Fedmarket

  • Final RFP Template Only – Updates not included.
  • Model w/unlimited updates and a block of consulting hours – We suggest beginning with a block of 4 hours. You can purchase additional hours or begin with fewer hours if desired. Consulting hours are not transferable. This engagement is valid through the final due date of the SOL. $3000 unlimited updates $1000 block of 4 hours. If addition consulting hours are needed they will be offered at a reduced rate. (Call 301-960-5817 to order)

RFP  Description

OASIS + is a multiple award IDIQ contract being issued by GSA.  There are 5 small business tracks and an unrestricted track included.  OASIS + will be the follow up contract to OASIS.
TitleOne Acquisition Solution for Integrated Services Plus (OASIS+)
Solicitation #There are 6 separate RFPs, 1 for each track:
Total Small Business - 47QRCA23R0001
Unrestricted - 47QRCA23R0006
SBA 8(a)- 47QRCA23R0002
SBA HUBZone - 47QRCA23R0003
SBA WOSB - 47QRCA23R0005
Due Date10/20/23
Contract TypeMultiple Agency Contract (MAC) Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ)
Issuing AgencyGeneral Services Administration (GSA)
Bidding Tracks Total Small Business
AwardsThe Government plans to make an award to each qualified Offeror. All Qualifying Offerors that meet or exceed the qualification threshold for a particular Domain will be eligible for award.
Contract Period10 years (5-year Base/ 5-year Option)
Max Contract CeilingNone
OASIS + Domains The Domains that are currently within scope of the Master Contract are:
  • Management & Advisory
  • Technical & Engineering
  • Research & Development
  • Intelligence Services
  • Environmental
  • Facilities
  • Logistics
Specific RFP Qualification RequirementsEach OASIS+ Domain has a corresponding Qualifications Matrix and qualifying threshold to ensure the minimum standards are representative of customer needs in that space. The qualifying threshold for all small business and socioeconomic set-asides (e.g. small business, 8(a), HUBZone, WOSB, SDVOSB) has been set at 36 out of the available 50 credits.
Scope of WorkThe objective of this contract is to provide Government agencies with total integrated solutions for a multitude of services-based requirements on a global basis. These services requirements may call for solutions that cross multiple disciplines, include ancillary support, may be commercial and/or non-commercial, using a variety of contract types including fixed price (all types), cost reimbursement (all types), time and materials/labor hour, or a hybrid mix of contract. types.
Proposal VolumesThe format of the Offeror’s proposal shall be dictated by the OSP. Sections are: General
Qualifying Project Experience
Federal Prime Contractors Experience
Systems, Rates and Clearances
Past Performance
Evaluation FactorsTo receive a Domain award, the offer must meet or exceed a specified qualification threshold. Factors: Qualifying Project Experience (up to 5)
Relevance (in respect to QPs)
Federal Experience
Government-approved systems and rates
Other Certifications


select your desired product
OASIS Plus Final RFP Release (No updates) (Select 1 socio-economic group in order notes)$2,500
OASIS Consulting (4 Hours) $1,000
OASIS Plus Template (Unlimited updates)(Select 1 socio-economic group in order notes)$3,000
OASIS Plus Bid/No Bid Consult $250
Add Template 8(a)$250
Add Template HUBZone$250
Add Template WOSB $250
Add Template SDVOSB$250
Add Template SB$250
Add Template Unrestricted$250
Upgrade to ADD Updates$500

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