Compare Proposal Writing Tools

Fedmarket offers two proposal writing templates (one basic and one advanced). The features and benefits of the two products are summarized below.

Fedmarket uses the "Recipe for Writing Compliant Federal Proposals"(the advanced template) in Proposal Writing for our customers on a fixed price, full service basis.

Recipe for Writing a Compliant Federal Proposal (Advanced Template)Proposal Writing Template (Basic Template)
Provides detailed step-by-step procedure for (1) deconstructing an RFP into a Compliance Matrix and (2) using the Compliance Matrix to develop an Advanced Template (Draft Proposal)


  • Training for Inexperienced Proposal Writers
  • Proposal Library of Model Text
  • Example winning proposals
Provides a basic template for writing a proposal. The template assumes the RFP is straight forward in requesting any or all of the seven basic requirements found in federal RFPs.


  • Executive Summary
  • Compliance Matrix
  • Technical Approach
  • Management Plan
  • Resumes
  • Corporate Experience
  • Pricing
  • Guarantees compliance
  • Applies to straight forward and complex RFPs
  • Improves your proposal writing team's skill and understanding of federal proposals
  • Low price
  • Simple to apply
  • Includes Proposal library of Model Text
  • You may upgradeable to the "Recipe for Writing Compliant Federal Proposals" (Advanced Template) for $200
Price $690Price $490