ONE OIT On Ramp Requirements

  1. Must be able to provide support to all 7 service channels:
    Service Channel 1: Application Development and Management (PLATFORM)
    Service Channel 2: Business Solutions Delivery (NON-PLATFORM)
    Service Channel 3: IT Infrastructure Operations and Management
    Service Channel 4: Information Security
    Service Channel 5: Data Management
    Service Channel 6: IT Governance
    Service Channel 7: Technology Business Management

  2. Can’t be a prime on one team and a sub on another

  3. Due via email on January 15, 2019

  4. 6 separate electronic folders: General, Relevant Experience, Past Performance, Certifications, Risk Assessments, Price

  5. Certifications not required, but can get extra points for: ISO 9001, ISO 20000, ISO IEC 27000, and/or CMMI

  6. Relevant Experience can be single contract, single task order under a MAC, single task order under a single-award IDIQ, single task order under a Schedule, single task order under a BPA.

  7. Work can be by either the Prime as prime or sub, or by proposed sub as prime

  8. Can submit up to 25 projects and all must have included significant performance of the type of work claimed on the scoring worksheet. Also, project must be mostly IT services.

  9. Can use a single project to show experience across multiple Service Channels.

  10. There are a max number of reference per Service Channel, some are allowed more projects than others. Application Management & Development is allowed the most references out of the 7 Service Channels.

  11. Experience must have been in the last 4 years and have at least 1 year of performance.

  12. Extra points given for up to 3 projects if they were performed at the SEC.

  13. CPARS or PPQ required. If CPARS older than 1 year, you can submit PPQ instead.

  14. LPTA contract. Up to 10 awards could be made.

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ONE OIT On Ramp Full-Service$3,600
ONE OIT On Ramp Model Proposal $1,800