A Bid, No Bid Decision Model for Small Businesses

A Bid/No Bid Decision Model for Small Businesses

Complete the following table using requirements and evaluation points from Sections L & M of your RFP.
The application of the table is based on a hypothetical RFP for a database design contract.

RFP Section RFP Requirements from Section LRFP Evaluation Points from Section MScore Yourself & Notes
Technical ApproachDesign Concept

Interface Design

40 for entire Approach30
Management PlanProposed Organization Structure

Quality Assurance Plan

15 for entire Plan10
Experience3 Database Projects of  $500,000 or greater4030
PersonnelKey Person Resume55
PriceLabor Categories and Direct Labor Ranges shown in a spreadsheet that must be completed by offeror Price will not be a actor in making an award if considered reasonable-
Totals --- 10075

Our experience shows that points exceeding 50% of total evaluation points will receive awards if RFP is multiple awards and a small business set-aside. Single award points should be in the 60 – 80 range to make a bid.