TABSS Model Proposal

TABSS (Technical, Acquisition and Business Support Services) Template

TABSS due date has been extended to March 2, 2011 3pm EST

Fedmarket's TABSS Model Proposal, provided in Microsoft Word format, is designed to be refined and modified by companies submitting a proposal in response to a DHS TABSS solicitation. Customers using the product may add company-specific information to the model proposal. Once a user has refined or modified the model text, it will have a completed proposal that is both compliant with the DHS RFP and within the page limits specified in the solicitation.

Contact a Fedmarket sales representative to view the template;  call 888-661-4094, Ext. 2.

The DHS TABSS Model proposal is comprised of the following volumes, formatted in Word to meet RFP requirements.

VOLUME I:  Experience and Management Approach/Technical Proposal (Factor 1)
Section A:  Experience
Section B:  Management Approach

VOLUME II:  Solicitation Documents, Past Performance, and Price
Section A:  Solicitation Documents
Subsection 1:  Proposal Cover Letter
Subsection 2:  Representation and Certifications
Subsection 3:  Exceptions to RFP
Subsection 4:  Miscellaneous
Section B:  Past Performance (Factor 2)
Section C:  Price (Factor 3)

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