SSES NexGen RFP Requirements

SSES Next Gen
Requirements Summary for Draft Solicitation

1) Must have one of the following:

  • FPRA
  • DCAA/DCMA report / audit showing indirect rate calculations w/pools and bases AND 3 years of Certified Actual Incurred Cost pool and base (by expense account) information that validates the calculations
  • FPRR
  • FPRP
  • Approved Provisional Rates Proposal
  • Other statement of current rates

NOTE: If providing FPRR, FPRP, Approved Provisional Rates Proposal or other statement of current rates, you must include 3 years of historical actual pool and base information (by expense account) that validates proposed rates.

2) Must provide evidence of an adequate accounting system. Evidence may include emails, letters or reports from DCAA or DCMA.

3) Past Performance & Past Experience (same requirements):

  • Must have FOUR examples
  • Can be contract or task order
  • Must be relevant to the work, one for each area as follows:
    • System Software & Acquisition Support
    • Support to Army Software Support Environments & Facilities
    • Cyber Security, IA and SA Support
    • IV&V Support
  • Must be ARMY
  • CANNOT use base IDIQ or BPA as contract - however can reference individual orders as examples
  • Must be PRIME CONTRACTOR contracts; cannot use subcontractor/teammate contracts in this area