GRAB THE FEDERAL CONTRACTING APPLE, a four book, 10 secret series on government contracting.

By Richard White

Finding success in federal contracting can seem impossible to a startup or small business with no experience in the federal world. Insiders use their direct federal contracts to win more contracts with little to no investment. How can a startup compete?

You will learn how to win contracts and grow your federal contracting business.  Use the 10 secrets revealed in each of the four books to grow your government business.  Use the 10 secrets revealed in each of the four books to grow your government business.

Book 1: 10 Secrets to Grow Your Start Up
Book 2: 10 Secrets to SBA Preference Programs 
Book 3: 10 Secrets to Win with a GSA Schedule
Book 4: 10 Secrets to Writing Winning Proposals

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