Why a GSA Schedule is Essential to Your Growth

Do you ever wonder why your competitors are
winning business, and you keep missing out?

Chances are they are on a GSA schedule.

Federal agencies cannot continue to publish single bid opportunities due to lack of contracting staff. Small service companies will need to hold one or more indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity (IDIQ)s to continue to grow.

A GSA schedule is the equivalent of holding the best IDIQs and is even more essential if your company has only one IDIQ. Why:

  1. A GSA schedule is a GSA GWACs (government-wide acquisition contracts) that can be use by any federal agency and state and local government. A GSA schedule is always open for bid, other GSA GWACs will not be open of several years.

  2. The flow of bid opportunities posted for GSA schedule awardees exceeds that of any service IDIQ.

  3. A GSA schedule is the only IDIQ that is always open for a bid (never closes like other IDIQs). Other IDIQs including GWACs open and close for 5 years after the bidding period closes.

  4. There is a GSA schedule for virtually every product or service. 

  5. GSA bidding requirements are exceptionally lenient; particularly in comparison to DOD service/product IDIQs that frequently include restrictive requirements such as top secret security clearances.

    • Generally only three relevant experience summaries of any dollar amount are required for most schedule proposals.

    • Special certifications and clearances are not required.

To sum it up obtaining a GSA schedule contract is not difficult. Any vendor serious about doing business with the government is negligent in not putting the effort in to submitting a proposal to GSA.

Level the playing field.  Submit your GSA proposal now.

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