What is it

A do-it-yourself GSA Schedule proposal writing system that allows you to write a GSA Schedule proposal quickly and simply without prior knowledge of GSA solicitation requirements


  • Avoid starting your writing from a blank page
  • Be sure you are addressing all GSA requirements
  • Developed from winning proposal language; you can be sure that content has been tested in winning proposals
  • End up with a ready-to-submit GSA Schedule proposal
  • Help ensure that the proposal will address all requirements of the GSA Schedule solicitation
  • High-value product with low price tag
  • Improve proposal consistency and quality
  • No additional software requirements other than standard office productivity software
  • Proposal is written for easy GSA review and award
  • Proven completion methodology
  • Save 30 to 60 % of typical proposal writing effort - cost and time
  • Template sections and volumes save you time and writing
  • Tried-and-tested proposal language that is well received at GSA
  • Work at your own pace
  • Complete your submission without stepping away from your business
  • Avoid common - and costly - mistakes that occur in the GSA Schedule world
  • Avoid confusing GSA details that are holding you back
  • Clear steps and artifacts maximize your writing productivity
  • Reduce your costs by doing the low-hanging fruit work yourself
  • No information lost in translation: you are the one writing the proposal
  • No travel costs involved
  • Self-paced progress allows you to toggle your efforts to accommodate your busy calendar


  • Structured process with step-by-step approach to walk you through the GSA proposal writing exercise
  • All volumes and sections required to complete a proposal for your target GSA Schedule
  • Pre-proposal, proposal compilation, and submission steps clearly spelled out
  • Built using Microsoft Office® and Adobe Acrobat® products

GSA Schedule Template

Fedmarket's GSA Schedule Template is a proprietary software system that guides you through the preparation of your GSA Schedule proposal.

The product was designed specifically to allow you to prepare the GSA proposal on your own, with minimal consulting assistance, and without experience in federal contracting.

Fedmarket's GSA Schedule Template systematically walks you through responding to a GSA's solicitation: along with all documents you may need, it contains detailed instructions, templates, and illustrated examples that allow you to produce a compliant GSA Schedule proposal quickly and simply.

How Fedmarket's GSA Schedule Template Works

The GSA Schedule Template enables you to navigate the GSA Schedule proposal path successfully.

GSA drafts detailed and lengthy Requests for Proposal (RFPs) for each specific GSA Schedule. A company submitting a response to the RFP is expected to respond to all RFP requirements by including all required volumes such as the technical proposal or the price proposal in its proposal.

The GSA Schedule Template product is a value-added version of the latest Request for Proposal (RFP) applicable to your company's target GSA Schedule. It includes detailed and easy-to-read instructions that offer assistance in responding to each section of the RFP. Specific knowledge of the GSA solicitation documents and GSA pricing policies and evaluation procedures is not required because of the intuitive approach the GSA Schedule Template uses to have you create and assemble the GSA proposal.

The GSA Schedule Template contains a dashboard file that allows you to cycle through all sections you need to address to respond to the GSA RFP. The instructions embedded in each section assist you in preparing each volume of the proposal and in completing the requisite forms. The GSA Schedule Template includes formatted tables, examples, completed forms, and standard language that you can modify to reflect your specific circumstances.

Once you complete your GSA proposal, the GSA Schedule Template contains step-by-step instructions that guide you through the submission of your GSA proposal, whether in paper of electronic eOffer format.

GSA Professional Service Firms and Consultants

The GSA Schedule Template is sold for single use by a company preparing its own GSA schedule proposal. Multiple use licenses are available for GSA professional service firms and consultants. Please call for more details.

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