GSA Contract Manager

Fedmarket's GSA Contract Manager manages all aspects of GSA contract compliance including:

  • Compliance with restrictions on discounting practices (the biggest risk factor financially)
  • Paying the GSA Industrial Funding Fee (IFF) on time
  • Making best efforts to subcontract according to your small business subcontracting plan (large businesses only)
  • Submitting required reports on time
  • Price increase contract modifications
  • Price file uploads to GSAAdvantage!
  • Option period renewals

Managing these aspects of GSA Schedule contract compliance requires a wide range of tasks that must be performed by specific calendar dates. A calendar reminder module schedules compliance tasks by required date. Each required task includes step-by-step procedures in an online business process.

Changes in Compliance Requirements
The GSA Contract Manager is updated for subscribers as added refinements and changes are made to the product. Changes in GSA Schedule compliance requirements are added as they occur and an email is sent to all subscribers indicating the change and any actions required.

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GSA Contract Manager$490


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