Small IT Companies: Keys to Increasing Revenue

Most small IT companies do not have formal sales programs. For those companies, the keys to business development are:

Companies with direct federal contracts:
Incentivize your onsite developers to encourage contract modifications for existing contracts and introductions to other customers for new contracts. This is easier said than done because technical people generally do not like to sell. But you have to find a way because leveraging federal customers is the key to growth.

Companies with subcontracts with prime contractors:
Leverage your existing customers by providing superior performance. Although difficult, try to expand your business with the existing federal customer without offending the prime contractor. A difficult task but it can be done.

Companies with no IT services GWACS/IDIQs:

  • Bid very selectively for public bids which match your capabilities and/or in cases where you know the buyer. Bidding on public bids is far too expensive and can be discouraging.
  • Win a GWAC/IDIQ as soon as possible to cut competition.
  • Get a GSA Schedule; the only IT services GWAC that is always open for a proposal. Companies with IT service GWACs/IDIQs:
  • Bid even more selectively for public bids. It's a highly competitive market and a winning proposal has to be compelling.
  • Save your proposal dollars for responding to GWAC/IDIQ RFQs.
  • Consider Fedmarket's half-day proposal writing seminar at your office.

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