WOSB eCertify Wizard: Do It Yourself Certification

Be one of the first Women Owned Small Businesses (WOSB) to be certified by SBA and take advantage of the political pressure to contract with WOSBs. Fedmarket's WOSB eCertify Wizard will guide you through the process of completing your WOSB self-certification package.

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About the WOSB eCertify Wizard:

A do-it-yourself system that walks you through the requirements behind the WOSB certification process. Once you have completed the wizard you will have all the document necessary ready to submit to the Small Business Administration (SBA) to be certified and obtain Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) status.

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WOSB eCertify Wizard includes:

  1. Getting started guidelines
  2. Complete your ORCA requirements online with a step-by-step process including:
    • Help assistance for each requirement
    • Definitions, explanations, and risks for each requirement
    • Step-by-step procures for developing and filing required certification documents
  3. Complete and file each required repository document including formats and online instructions
  4. Certification documents to upload to WOSB Repository
  5. How to sell WOSB status to contracting officers

WOSB eCertify Wizard Benefits:

  1. Take advantage of the political pressure to make WSOB set-aside awards
  2. Be ready to self certify within hours of WSOB operational announcement
  3. Be the first to sell to federal contacting officers
  4. Let us demystify the red tape
  5. Save days of valuable time

WOSB eCertify Wizard Results:

  1. Completed self-certifications for the federal Online Certifications and Representations website
  2. Completed document files for federal WSOB repository
  3. Insights to leverage your status in the federal marketplace.

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