The Shortest Path to Federal Contracts

GSA Schedules: The Shortest Path to Federal Contract Dollars

Writing a GSA proposal is a complex process that is similar to filing a federal income tax return. In your proposal, you must define precisely how your company discounts to others. Once defined, your discounting disclosures are used by GSA to negotiate your GSA prices. After a contract is awarded, GSA requires you to control your discounts or face a possible reduction in your GSA prices.

This process sounds onerous, but if your proposal is carefully prepared by people who have repeated the process time and time again, it can become your ticket to federal contracts. Some companies stiffen at the discounting control required by GSA while others welcome the opportunity to finally straighten out how they discount and why. If your company views discounting definition and standardization as something that can be positive, you can increase your profits with new GSA revenue.

Is a GSA schedule for you? Contact Fedmarket's GSA team and find out:

  1. Does my company qualify for a GSA schedule contract?
  2. Can my company negotiate profitable GSA prices?
  3. What risks are created by the way our company discounts, and how can these risks be eliminated?

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