Teach Your Onsite Contract Employees to Sell and Win

You have a contract in place and people onsite.   If your team plays their cards right, you can capture new business with your current customer. 

Teach Your Onsite Contract Employees to Sell and Win! was developed for people who are not accustomed to selling, but who are in front of the customer on a regular basis delivering goods and services. We will teach them to recognize and capture opportunities that present themselves on the spot.

What: Teach Your Onsite Contract Employees to Sell and Win!
Where: Bethesda, MD or Live at your desktop
When: Wednesday, March 14, 2012
Time: 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm (EST)
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Why Should You Attend?

There are many people attending classes on how to sell to the federal government, but you have already won the deal. As you deliver and serve the federal government as the Prime contractor, your competition is chipping away at your customer to change vendors and give them a try. They're waiting in the wings for you to make a mistake and they're ready to unseat you at any point. You must teach your onsite team to play defense. This class will help your team assure you win a majority of the tasks from your current customers and can block your competitors' offensive line.

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Fedmarket offers a range of full-day seminars covering topics such as GSA Schedules, federal sales and proposal development.  View the Fedmarket seminar calendar for upcoming dates and locations.  Many of the seminars are broadcast live over the web as Netcasts.

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