Stop the Madness: Use a Proposal Writing Template

Save Big Dollars in Responding to Federal RFPs with Fedmarket's Proposal Writing Template

Federal proposal writing is taxing and far more expensive than generally known.

Are there any secrets to writing a winning government proposal at a reasonable cost? Unfortunately, no, but there are two underlying fundamentals to success:

  • Use templates so you aren't reinventing proposals each time.
  • Outline before you write using templates as the starting point.
  • Use model text and content from previous proposals within templates and then refine the text.

Read more about the Proposal Writing Template - click here.
View the Proposal Writing Template - click here.

Using templates a proposal manager can have a proposal half written on the first day of the proposal effort and than it becomes a matter of filling in the critical subject matter content. And all content contributors will have the structure, guidelines and starting text to make their writing task easier and quicker.

In short, all proposal contributors will be singing from the same sheet of music.

Don't reinvent every proposal; proposal costs and lost billable time will eat you alive.

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