Las Vegas Advanced Cost Price Proposal Seminar

Gain hands-on experience with the link between cost accounting structure and proposal pricing.

Advanced Cost Price Proposal Strategies Seminar (CPE credit available)
Date: Wednesday, January 27, 2016
Time: 9:00 am - 4:30 pm
Location: Las Vegas, NV (or via Webinar)

Join speaker Matt McKelvey and design an organizations cost accounting structure to compliment your business strategies. You will leave the course knowing how to price to win and deliver as promised.

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The Advanced Cost Price Proposal Strategies Seminar introduces participants to the critical relationship between cost accounting structure and proposal pricing strategy. It begins with an overview the Cost Accounting Standards, critical Federal Acquisition Regulation concepts, and the DCAA definition of Adequate Accounting Systems for performing federal contracts. With this understanding, participants are able to understand the criticality of integrating cost accounting methodologies with proposal pricing strategies and techniques.

You will learn techniques that dramatically improve price proposal quality, integrate the cost/price volume with other volumes, improve overall win probability, and insure cost management and control during contract performance. Including:

  • Develop a price to win strategy
  • Insure your cost accounting structure creates a framework for your cost proposal that is both complaint and responsive
  • Create synergy and teamwork between the functional elements of pricing and accounting
  • Survive the proposal audit
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