Extracting Proposal Information from Subcontractors is Like Pulling Teeth

When it comes to preparing federal bids, prime contractors often discover that subcontractors hate to provide proposal information for their piece of the action. In fact, it's far more common for subcontractors to be unresponsive to requests for proposal information. This oversight isn't necessarily intentional; most subcontractors tend to be small companies without proposal writing experience or the manpower needed to produce the material. And the common sentiment amongst subcontractors seems to be, "We not only don't have the expertise to prepare the requested material, but also why should we respond when the prime contractor will - when push comes to shove - most likely write the information for us?"

A detailed proposal outline can provide savvy subcontractors with a solution to the above-referenced situation. Subcontractors would like to be responsive but they often simply donít know how to respond to a request for proposal information. An outline can help the subcontractors to provide:

  • A proposal content/organizational structure consistent with the other sections of the solution.
  • Writing guidelines, instructions and model text.
  • Resume and corporate experience formats and examples.
  • Deadlines and formatting instructions.

Like anything in life, a little guidance goes along way.

Fedmarket's new Proposal Writing eTemplate puts you in control of your proposal team and the process itself. The template's interface assists your staff in delegating sections of the proposal to co-writers and helps your team pull together a coordinated proposal effort without hassle. The template's model text will help those who suffer from writer's block.  Moreover, your proposal manager will have the ability to easily review, edit and share the documents that collectively make up the proposal. 

The Proposal Writing eTemplate is an online template for proposal writers and managers, the product allows you to select standard chapters and then select model text within a chapter by section.

You owe it to yourself and your team to at least take a look.  Sign up for a free trial. There are no strings attached and you will be given full access to the product for 14 days.  Sign up now.

For more information or to purchase by phone, call 888 661 4094 and press 2 to speak to a Fedmarket representative.

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