IDIQ Characteristics

Indefinite Delivery / Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contracts are most often used for architect/engineering services, construction, facilities maintenance, information technology, engineering, and other types of professional services, as well as most types of commercial products. (Products approved for GSA Schedule sales have to be at least offered commercially.)

IDIQs come in many flavors for the following reasons:

  • IDIQs are awarded to buy products or services, or both.
  • An IDIQ can apply to a single agency, multiple federal agencies, and even state and local agencies (in the case of a limited number of GSA Schedule contracts).
  • The term of an IDIQ may range from one to five years normally, and up to twenty years for GSA Schedule contracts.
  • The planned expenditures under an IDIQ can range from several hundred thousand dollars upward to 50 billion dollars.
  • An IDIQ may be awarded to one vendor, a number of vendors or, in the case of GSA Schedule contracts, to thousands of vendors.

No wonder there is a good deal of confusion about the acronym IDIQ.

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