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Locate past, present and future IDIQ contracts, and contact data for the contracting offices issuing these contracts.

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IDIQ Search Engine

Finding IDIQ biding opportunities in a consistent manner is a maddening process, so we have found them for you.

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Indefinite Delivery / Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contracts have become the purchasing mechanism of choice for the federal government. The winners of IDIQ contracts receive all of the business under the IDIQ for 5 years and everyone else is shut out.

The IDIQ Search Engine provides listings of future Federal IDIQ bidding opportunities by:

  1. Federal agency and sub-agency
  2. State
  3. Product/service
  4. Keyword
  5. Small business set-aside category

GSA schedules IDIQs are always open for a bid and the solicitation documents for making a bid for a GSA schedule are included in search engine results.

An example of a search result is shown below.

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