Design Your Federal Sales Plan

In this economy no market segment should be overlooked.  If your commercial ventures aren't prospering give the federal marketplace a try.  

Fedmarket's Federal Sales Plan Development Wizard allows you to implement a federal sales program without experience in federal contracting.

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How does the Federal Sales Plan Development Wizard work?

The wizard allows companies to find and prioritize federal sales opportunities using federal Internet sites and searches of online federal procurement databases.

The section by section content of the Wizard is as follows.

Procedures for Finding Sales Opportunities

  • Search Agency Web Sites
  • Search Award Data
  • Find Contracting Officers
  • Find Teaming Partners
  • Find Prime Contractors and Subcontracting Opportunities
  • Finding Opportunities outside the Washington, DC Area

Applying the Procedures
All Companies: Follow Current Bidding Opportunities Religiously

  • Companies with Federal Contracts
  • Companies Selling Commodities
  • Companies Selling Generic Professional Services
  • Companies Selling Complex Products and Specialized Professional Services
  • Companies Selling Solutions Requiring Partnering and Companies with No Federal Contracts or Relationships
  • Companies outside the Metropolitan Washington, DC Area
  • Information Technology Companies


  • Finding Federal End Users: Who Bought What, Where, Why, & When
  • Summary of the Federal Sales Process
  • Setting Up Your Federal Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System

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