Crash Course for Government Contractors

Find out how selling to the federal government really works - not how it's supposed to work.

Fedmarket has developed two seminars designed to help businesses break into government sales. The federal government spends more than $5 billion annually on contracts for goods and services. To get your foot in the door, you need two things: the ability to sell, and the ability to write a winning proposal. These two, half-day, seminars can help you get there.

Friday, September 21, 2012,  1 Day, 2 Courses in Las Vegas, NV:

"Federal Sales 101: Winning Government Business" provides a roadmap for working your way through the federal contracting maze. Participants walk out of the class with practical information and an actionable plan on how to target government buyers, establish relationships, and identify current and future sales opportunities.

"Writing and Managing Winning Proposals" identifies the key components of a proposal, explains the evaluation process and the roles of the different government actors, and arms you with the knowledge and tools to cut through the vast amount paperwork associated with RFPs. As importantly, the seminar provides guidelines for making the decision to bid - or not bid - on a particular contract solicitation. Good bid/no bid decision making can save an enormous amount of time, money, and stress.

These two seminars are scheduled back to back, saving travel costs, time,and putting you in a position of being able to hit the ground running.

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