A low stress jump start to your next proposal

Proposal time again? Stop staring at a blank page. Do away with the tired boilerplate you know isn't working. Tackle your next proposal with the laser-like focus and sledgehammer impact delivered by Fedmarket's Proposal Framework service.

Proposal Framework lays out a complete proposal roadmap before you even start writing.

One of the most challenging aspects of producing a proposal is sifting through the hundreds of clauses, requirements, rules, and regulations to figure out what exactly you need to produce. Then you have to stave off the feeling of being overwhelmed by the sheer volume of detail, dig out, and find a place to start. Fedmarket short-circuits that whole process. Our proposal specialists create a series of documents that act as the blueprint for the proposal you need to write.

If you know where you're going, you're already halfway there.

Before anyone wastes time writing text that turns out to be weak, irrelevant, or unresponsive to the solicitation's requirements, successful proposal managers create a set of RFP-specific documents used to direct the proposal writing effort. Compliance matrices, annotated outlines, and templates tailored to specific sections of a proposal provide a clear sense of direction and purpose to writers assigned to produce content.

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Fedmarket's Proposal Framework service provides you with the roadmap, including:

  • Compliance Matrices
  • Proposal Outlines
  • Proposal Templates
  • Strategy Development
  • Data Call Plan
  • Past Performance Templates
  • Pricing Model Templates

Maximize your proposal's impact and minimize the proposal pain. How's that for a low-stress jump-start to your next proposal? Proposal Framework delivers.

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