$490 GSA Contract Manager - Lifetime Subcription

No one wants to see their GSA schedule revoked yet so many loose ends make up the compliance process it is easy to end up at fault even after giving it your best effort.

Fedmarket's GSA Contract Manager tracks the tasks you must complete to stay in compliance for you.

The GSA Contract Manager is a web-based program that manages all aspects of GSA Schedule contract compliance.  The GSA Contract Manager also provides the user with a succinct understanding of the GSA compliance process and details each of the requirements that collectively make up the whole of "staying in compliance."

The GSA Contract Manager is good for the life of your GSA schedule contract. Changes in GSA schedule compliance requirements are added as they occur and an email is sent to all subscribers indicating the change and any actions required. Call 888 661 4092, Ext. 2 for more information, or to order by telephone.

Using data culled from your firm's GSA contract award letter, the GSA Contract Manager:
  • calculates your company's compliance schedule
  • provides you with critical contract benchmarks and filing dates
  • No prior knowledge of GSA Schedules is required to master the GSA Contract Manager
  • Anyone with a computer and internet access can tackle the administrative end of GSA compliance requirements.
The GSA Contract Manager was developed by Fedmarket's founder and President, Richard White. Mr. White formerly founded and ran a 1,400-person IT services and facilities management company. His book, GSA Schedules: The Fastest Path to Federal Dollars, and his other published works demonstrate the depth of his knowledge of the GSA Schedules program.  

Read more about the GSA Contract Manager at http://www.fedmarket.com/l/gsa_schedules/gsa_products/gsa_contract_manager/.

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