GSA: How to Apply for a GSA Schedule

GSA schedule solicitations are always open to receive proposals to be evaluated for a contract award. The GSA eLibrary provides a list of GSA schedules and their corresponding solicitation documents (Request for Proposals (RFP)). The solicitation document shows the list of files required in a GSA schedule proposal. Analysis of the solicitation will show you that writing a GSA schedule proposal is a complex endeavor; particularly in developing and proposing profitable prices.

Some companies will write GSA schedule proposals in house if they have a writer with GSA schedule and/or federal proposal writing and pricing experience. Others use Fedmarket to write the proposal for them in a team effort with the company. Richard White, CEO of Fedmarket personally assists each company is developing a profitable proposed price to offer to GSA as a part of the proposal writing contract with Fedmarket.

Call 888 661 4094, Ext. 2 for GSA assistance, such as:

  • Which GSA schedule fits your company?
  • Do you have the qualifications to receive a contact award?
  • Assistance in finding the GSA solicitation document.
  • Prices for Fedmarket's GSA schedule services.
  • Arrange a complimentary call with Richard White to discuss GSA schedule pricing.