GSA Contract Compliance; Do it Right from the Start

The most important aspects of contract compliance are:

  1. Compliance with restrictions on discounting practices (the biggest risk factor financially)
  2. Paying the GSA Industrial Funding Fee (IFF) on time
  3. Making best efforts to subcontract according to your small business subcontracting plan (large businesses only)
  4. Submitting required reports on time.

Compliance with restrictions on discounting practices must be implemented on Day 1 of a GSA Schedule contract award to avoid GSA claw backs of money based on audit findings.

Many GSA contractors neglect Price Reduction Clause (PRC) compliance, some do not understand it is even a requirement, and others just get sloppy with their discounting and the problem remains hidden until an audit is performed.

Get PRC compliance right from the beginning and avoid GSA audit problems and monetary contract claw backs. Companies have been damaged severely as a result of non-compliance with the PRC clause.

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