Your GSA Schedule Will Expire Soon, Are You Ready to Renew?

GSA renewal proposals are comprised of a series of specific documents requested by GSA to extend a GSA schedule contract for another 5 year option period. They are far less complex than an original proposal because the red tape requested by GSA is minimal. But they must be prepared carefully because they can:

  • Trigger a pre-award audit.
  • Create questions concerning the accuracy and currency of the discounting practices currently in effect with GSA
  • Bring Price Reduction Clause issues to the forefront
  • Indicate that the GSA prices have not been updated
  • Show that GSAAdvantage! price lists are not current

In developing an renewal proposal risk aversion and pricing strategy are critical and content becomes the king, not number of pages. Don't risk it by going it alone, call 888 661 4094, Ext.2 and get on quote on Fedmarket's Renewal Proposal Service.

Fedmarket's GSA Renewal Service includes:

  • Preparation of an proposal to renew Client's GSA schedule contract for another 5 years, including additions/deletions of items to Client's approved GSA prices.
  • Obtaining Client's original proposal to GSA, current price list, and pertinent communications with GSA contracting officer
  • Determining the information required and format of the proposal from GSA (varies by schedule and contracting officer)
  • Determining information needed from Client to complete the proposal (primarily new pricing information, discounting policies, etc.)
  • Preparing a draft renewal proposal
  • Refining draft proposal based on Client's comments
  • Submitting the renewal proposal on Client's behalf

Call our staff for a quote, at 888 661 4094, Ext. 2, or we will call you - click here.

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