The Benefits of a GSA Schedule Contract

The benefits of holding a GSA Schedule contract follow:

  1. You will have reduced the level of competition to only those contractors that also hold Schedule contracts.
  2. Your proposal-writing costs will decrease.  By holding a GSA Schedule contract, your company will not have to bid on as many publicly posted opportunities.
  3. Your sales staff can close a deal within weeks instead of a countless number of months.

The Logistics: To become a GSA Schedule contractor, a vendor must first submit a proposal in response to the applicable GSA Schedule solicitation for your firm's product or service. The required proposal is a long and complicated document. Many report that it is virtually impossible to discern what GSA expects in a proposal without the help of an expert.  If you want to see GSA's posted solicitations, go to FedBizOpps and download the solicitation documents. 

What's the simplest, most affordable way to complete a GSA proposal?
Participate in Fedmarket's Virtual GSA Proposal eLab. The Virtual GSA eLab is designed to allow you to complete the proposal without leaving your office. In addition and by doing it from the comfort of your office, you can bring in those work colleagues who have the institutional knowledge necessary to help you complete the proposal (e.g., your accounting staff, sales staff, etc.). Read more...

The Virtual GSA eLab provides you with the necessary background knowledge and skills needed to complete a GSA Schedule proposal and then negotiate and manage the contract.

For those who wish to leave the distractions of the office behind, travel to Las Vegas, Orlando, Chicago or Washington, DC and attend the Fedmarket GSA Proposal eLabPlus. With our very capable assistance, you will complete your GSA Schedule proposal in 3 days or fewer.

Other GSA proposal solutions offered by Fedmarket:
Full Service GSA Proposal Preparation
GSA Proposal Preparation Assistance

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