TABSS an $11 Billion DHS IDIQ that complements Eagle II

Want in on $11 Billion from DHS?

DHS just released their TABSS Multiple Award IDIQ on Friday December 3. 2010. If you are an IT firm that wants to do business with DHS, you need to look at this opportunity. TABSS (Technical, Acquisition and Business Support Services) is replacing several BPAs (Acquisition Support Services, Financial Management Support Services and Program Management Support Services) and is targeted to:
a) Provide a comprehensive range of support services for use throughout the DHS.
b) Provide a continuous alignment between business strategy, business processes, and various management support services while simultaneously maintaining an acquisition approach based on flexibility and efficiency.
c) Leverage the DHS spend in acquiring essential support services in an effective, economical, and expedient manner consistent with the DHS mission through the use of this enterprise-wide contract.

Some of you have been asking: what is the difference between TABSS and the EAGLE contract? The primary purpose of EAGLE is to provide IT services, whereas the primary purpose of TABSS is to provide acquisition-related services. As DHS explained following their pre-solicitation conference: "The EAGLE contract vehicle encompasses methodologies and techniques used in information technology and computer-related services designed to support business operations including computers, telecommunications and office systems or any combination thereof. TABSS addresses the scientific and mathematical aspects of the engineering technology discipline and includes the methodologies and techniques designed to develop, fabricate, and test electronic and mechanical components of systems and software, i.e, advanced manufacturing, mechatronics, geospatial technology, etc."

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Fedmarket offers Model Proposals for TABSS, Eagle II and CIO-SP3

DHS TABSS Model Proposal - The proposal due date is January 31, 2011.

EAGLE II Model Proposal - The proposal due dates for large and small businesses is January 11, 2011 and January 18, 2011, respectively.

CIO-SP3 Model Proposal - The proposal due date for small business is January 14, 2011.

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