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The federal market is both alien to those unfamiliar with the arena and insider dominated and both factors play into the hands of the insider. The key is becoming an insider and talking advantage of that position.

Learn the fundamentals of federal contracting. Register for Fedmarket's 12 one-hour segments given by experts from the legal and federal contracting community.

What: 2-Day Executive Session on Winning Federal Contracts
When: August 17 - 18, 2011
Where: Bethesda, MD or Live at your desktop
Cost: $2,900
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Special Netcast pricing is available for this session. Take advantage of this offer and train your entire staff from the comfort of your office.   

Executives and sales managers, this course is tailored to answer your questions and address your concerns about tackling the largest marketplace in the country.  Top experts in their field will address the culture gap and alienation commercial businesses encounter when entering the federal marketplace.  You will leave the 2-day session understanding what works and what doesn't and how to optimize your firm's success rate.  Some things to consider:

  1. The language of federal contracting is an unknown foreign language.
  2. Federal buying rules are burdensome, arcane and nearly impossible to decipher.
  3. The degree of competition required under the rules and how to avoid it are mysteries to most companies.
  4. How federal buyers think and make buying decisions are different than how buying decisions are made in the commercial sector. Understanding a federal employee's motivations is only possible if you fully comprehend how the federal bureaucracy works.   
  5. Writing a federal proposal is completely different than writing a commercial one.  Most do not understand when to bid, how to price proposals, what the appropriate level of effort is, and how to ensure that the proposal meets the RFPs requirements. 
  6. In order to prepare a winning proposal and then ensure post-award contract compliance, companies must understand how to discern which provisions of the RFP are critical and which are superflouous, fluff or red tape. 

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