Pain Free Proposal Writing, A novel idea?

Can you -- without needless and excessive pain and suffering -- prepare a high quality, effective proposal that government evaluators are forced to keep in their "under consideration" pile?  Think long and hard before replying.    

The answer is "Yes, we can."   

Fedmarket's new Proposal Writing eTemplate puts you in control of your proposal team and the process itself. The template's interface assists your staff in delegating sections of the proposal to co-writers and helps your team pull together a coordinated proposal effort without hassle. The template's model text will help those who suffer from writer's block.  Moreover, your proposal manager will have the ability to easily review, edit and share the documents that collectively make up the proposal. 

The Proposal Writing eTemplate is an online template for proposal writers and managers, the product allows you to select standard chapters and then select model text within a chapter by section.

You owe it to yourself and your team to at least take a look.  Sign up for a free trial. There are no strings attached and you will be given full access to the product for 14 days.  Sign up now.

For more information or to purchase by phone, call 888 661 4094 and press 2 to speak to a Fedmarket representative.

888-661-4094, Ext 2.

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