No Fail GSA Schedule Proposal

Every business prospecting to sell to the government knows a GSA schedule is a necessity.  There is no guarantee that a schedule will result in a contract, but by obtaining a GSA schedule you are increasing your odds, and putting yourself in the running for more government opportunities.  The most common reason for not holding a schedule is the inability to complete the lengthy and confounding proposal you must submit to the General Services Administration (GSA) to become a GSA schedule holder.  There is always the option to outsource the proposal writing task, but given the cost involved many business owners pass and opt to complete the task in-house.  A small percentage succeed, but the majority give up in frustration, spinning their wheels for months and years on end, leaving themselves right where they started - a company without a GSA schedule contract.

Stop spinning your wheels!  Have your GSA schedule contract in hand this year. 
Fedmarket's most affordable GSA proposal preparation option, the GSA Proposal Wizard, has been reduced by $1,000.  The GSA Proposal Wizard is a do-it-yourself GSA Schedule proposal writing system that allows you to write a GSA Schedule proposal quickly and simply without prior knowledge of GSA solicitation requirements.  If you purchase now, not only will you receive the $1,000 discount, but along with your purchase, we will credit you $1,500 toward the attendance of Fedmarket's 3-Day GSA eLab

You can't fail - this special combined offering is fool-proof. 
No more excuses, tackle the GSA proposal on your own with our do-it-yourself software, chances are you will succeed and have your GSA award in hand in a few months.  But, if your company's offering to GSA leads to pricing, discounting or general frustration, help is on the way, sign-up for the next 3-Day GSA eLab and have Fedmarket's GSA experts mentor you through the process.  You will leave the GSA eLab with a proposal reviewed by our experts and ready to submit to GSA for award.

Call Steve or Jon at 888-661-4094, Ext. 2 to learn more and purchase at the reduced rate.

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