New GSA Schedule Solutions

GSA Schedules are the favored purchasing mechanism for most federal buyers and an ideal sales and closing vehicle for vendors.

No matter where you may be in the process, Fedmarket offers a solution to all of your GSA concerns.  We can assist you in making an educated decision as to whether to pursue a GSA Schedule, facilitate the GSA proposal preparation process, and, once you have obtained your GSA award, assist you in modifying and maintaining your GSA contract.

Step 1 - Determining if a GSA Schedule will be beneficial to your business.

Are you still skeptical and unsure if a GSA Schedule contract will benefit your bottom line?

Solution - Netcast: In-Depth Session to Getting a GSA Schedule

The objective is simple: obtain a GSA Schedule contract for your business. The reality is that you know the end goal but have little idea where to get the basic facts that you need to make sound decisions on how to get from here to the award of a GSA Schedule contract. Fedmarket's Netcast: In-Depth Session to Getting a GSA Schedule is designed to explain the drivers behind the successful pursuit of a GSA Schedule contract. 

Step 2 - Completing and submitting your GSA proposal.

You understand the benefits a GSA Schedule will afford you company and you are ready to begin the process.

Solution - GSA Proposal Virtual eLab

Your staff will collaborate with our experts to prepare and complete a full GSA Schedule proposal.  The Virtual eLab is designed to allow you to complete the proposal without leaving your office. In addition, it allows you to involve just the right individuals in the proposal-writing process, those that have domain expertise in pricing, sales, operations and administration.

Step 3 - Maintaining and modifying your GSA contract.

You have been awarded a GSA Schedule contract! Now how do you (i) stay in compliance, (ii) process contract modifications, and (iii) ensure that your contract is extended at the end of contract base periods?

Solution - How to Modify Your GSA Schedule

You will be provided with foundational knowledge and base tools to complete and submit a contract modification request to GSA. Unlike our competitors, which really only scratch the surface, Fedmarket's How to Modify your GSA Schedule is an actual "how to" course. Most divisions at GSA now require that all contract modifications and other amendments to your contact be submitted electronically through GSA's "eMod." Not only will we teach you how to prepare your contract modification paperwork, we will address the steps to obtaining the digital certificate needed to submit through eMod and will help walk you through the actual eMod submittal steps.

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