Improve proposal consistency and quality

Make the process of writing proposals more efficient and cost effective. Templates can save your proposal team countless man hours. They are outlines to begin the process of writing a proposal in a structured way. Furthermore, they provide your writing staff with the free time needed to tailor your proposal to the needs of the client or end user.

Fedmarket's Proposal Writing Template is a detailed proposal outline and includes generic text (standard text), model text (to be refined to meet customer requirements), standard formats, and writing guidelines and instructions. Call 888 661 4094, Ext. 2 for more information.


  • Saves 30% to 60% off the typical costs to write a proposal;
  • Allows writers to focus on critical, customer-centric aspects of the proposal and maximize evaluation points;
  • Helps to ensure that the proposal will address all requirements of the RFP;
  • Ensures that proposal deadlines will be met without last minute crises; and
  • Improves proposal consistency and quality.

The template has the following components:

Executive Summary: Outline, generic text, writing guidelines and a sample executive summary;

Compliance Matrix: Outline, generic text, writing guidelines and a sample compliance matrix format;

Technical Approach: Outline, generic text, work breakdown structure, and solution-writing guidelines;

Management Plan: Outline, generic text, writing guidelines, and 50 pages of model text for the following generic management plan sections:

  • Contract organization and management
  • Contract schedule
  • Contract management policies
  • Subcontractor management and relationships
  • Corporate support/project management office
  • Project management system
  • Staffing plan
  • Quality assurance plan
  • Risk management
  • Transition plan
  • Human resources plan
  • Information security plan
  • Physical security plan
  • Safety plan

Personnel: Outline, generic text and standard format for corporate experience summaries; and

Corporate Experience: Outline, generic text, and standard format for resumes

Save yourself time and headaches, purchase our template today. Call 888 661 4094, Ext. 2 for more information.

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