How to Protest a Bid

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Many companies have used bid protests to win contracts. By filing the proper protest at the right time, a company can turn a loss into a win. And even if your company doesn't believe in protesting, you may still have to defend a contract against a protest filed by one of your competitors. This course will give you the practical information that you need to file a timely protest or defeat a protest.

There are strict, and confusing, deadlines for filing bid protests. If you wait too long, you may lose important leverage and sometimes the right to file at all. Protest decisions must often be made in fewer than three days. Your sales staff is usually the first to learn the facts that support a protest. Accordingly, your staf must be aware of bid protest deadlines and the rules associated with protests so your company won't lose its protest because it waited too long.

There is much more to know. So don't miss Bid Protests: How To Keep the Deals You Win and Win the Ones You Lose.

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