GSA Schedules: Avoid the Public Bid Process

Avoid the public bid process and save time and vast sums of money that would otherwise have been spent writing a proposal.

How? Start the work required to obtain a GSA Schedule contract today.

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Most federal buyers prefer working with GSA Schedule contractors. Why?  Because the federal purchasing official can request quotes from three schedule contractors or review their awarded pricing on GSA Advantage and then close the sale quickly rather than posting the opportunity as a public bid.  Buying through a Schedule contractor can be accomplished in a matter of hours or days.  The typical timeframe for the award of a public bid is almost three hundred days! Buyers are passing over vendors who are not GSA Schedule holders; do yourself a favor and stop procrastinating. 

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About GSA Schedules: GSA Schedules are IDIQ contracts awarded to numerous vendors. When negotiating the award of a Schedule contract, GSA and the contractor agree to a stated price or rate for the vendor's product or service.  Both vendors and federal buyers have made using Schedules contracts the preferred way to conduct government business. The Schedules program is open to all businesses, from small to large, and the program is fairly comprehensive. Furthermore a company's GSA Schedule proposal can be submitted to GSA at any time (unlike other federal proposals that can be submitted only during a prescribed period of time).

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