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Competition Among GSA Schedule Vendors - For political reasons, the federal government takes the position that competition for federal contracts is "full and open." In real life, full and open competition is impractical because it takes far too long to make a purchase and federal contracting offices are inadequately staffed and lack the personnel necessary to adequately handle a full-blown public bid. (Download)

A GSA Compliance Program -- The Key to Eliminating Audit Risk - Many contractors get their GSA Schedule contract award and think that their work is complete. The reality is that the tough work has yet to begin. Schedule compliance and contract administration issues are of critical importance and are often overlooked or even ignored. Learn how to avoid liability and maintain a Schedule contract. (Download)

GSA Schedules - A Vendor's Path to Federal Sales - Once a particular Schedule contract is awarded, the contractor is placed on a list of GSA Schedule vendors.  Federal buyers can order from these vendors using GSA Advantage!, the Government's online "shopping mall" for products and services. (Download)

Multiple Award Contracts: A Necessity in Today's Market - The percentage of federal purchases made through multiple award contracts will increase dramatically in the future. Federal procurement organizations are experiencing ever-increasing workloads while losing staff; they are therefore looking for the fastest and easiest way to procure needed items. Learn why multiple award contracts are becoming the wave of the procurement future. (Download)

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