GSA Schedule Award: There are No Guarantees

No GSA consulting firm can guarantee a GSA award. If you encounter GSA consultants or sales people who make this claim, view it as a red flag to look elsewhere for assistance.

A GSA schedule award depends on the following factors.

  1. The information provided to consultants about the companies experience, pricing, and discounting.
  2. The company's financial condition.
  3. The company's willingness to negotiate GSA prices.
  4. The subjective judgment of GSA about the company and their probability of success.
  5. The experience and personality of the GSA evaluator.

All of these factors are outside any GSA schedule service company's control.

Guarantees are the favorite ploy of sham GSA service companies.

Bargain rates for GSA schedule proposal writing services are a danger signal. Fedmarket has revised hundreds of low price proposals for companies that got hooked by guarantees and low prices. 

All a reputable GSA firm can do is honestly review your eligibility, and qualifications.  This assessment is based on your input.  Before moving forward with a schedule a company you should realistically evaluate its ability to meet GSA's demands. 

>> Contact Richard White at (301) 960-5813 to determine your eligibility for GSA award. 

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