GSA Proposal: Get it Right, First Time Around

A GSA Schedule proposal is not as simple as a passport application; it's a proposal prepared in the pursuit of the award of a federal government contract. Fedmarket estimates that about half of all GSA Schedule proposals  prepared in-house are rejected by GSA upon the conclusion of GSA's intake review. Unfortunately, it may take GSA as many as 6 to 12 months for that first review to occur.  Lost time equals lost money. 

The reality is that some divisions within GSA have seen as much as a 400% increase in the number of proposals submitted and GSA's staff is overtaxed and stretched to the limit.  Human nature dictates that the quickest way to get a proposal off one's desk is to reject it. GSA's reasons for rejection are endless and they can be as trivial as the fact that your DUNS number is transposed on one of GSA's forms. 

To summarize, if your firm does not have the expertise in-house to prepare a proposal that meets all of GSA's requirements and is persuasive, you run the risk of adding insult to injury and may likely find yourself six months down the road without having achieved your goal of contract award.  Imagine your frustration upon learning, after reading a GSA rejection letter, that your firm will have to restart from the beginning.   

Solution: Work with Fedmarket's professionals and submit a compliant proposal the first time.   

GSA Proposal eLabPlus
Fedmarket's GSA eLabPlus allows you to complete your GSA Schedule proposal in 3 days or fewer with the help of Fedmarket's GSA specialists.  Not only will you walk out with a completed proposal in hand, you will leave with tools and techniques to assist you in maintaining and selling through with your GSA contract award.
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