Federal Proposal Writing eBook, A step by step guide

Fedmarket is offering a complimentary eBook entitled "Government Proposal Writing for Newcomers."

Fedmarket recently held a free webinar on government proposal writing, along with the webinar we provided all webinar attendees a copy of our latest eBook "Government Proposal Writing for Newcomers."  Our audience feedback about the eBook has prompted us to offer the eBook to all our customers and colleagues. 

Download your copy - click here.

"this is probably the most valuable information on proposal writing I have ever gotten for free"

"I'll definitely take Mr.White's advise when determining whether or not to response to an RFP"

"Thanks Fedmarket, I'm new to proposal writing and the information in Appendix B of your eBook is eye-opening"

If you are interested in attending a future proposal writing webinar, check out our calendar at www.fedmarket.com or call 888 661 4094, Ext. 2 for information. 

Fedmarket has been helping companies win government business since 1995. We have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, and other trade publications. Our customer testimonials speak to our competence and expertise in helping customers win federal business. We have been singled out by public and private organizations -- including the Small Business Administration and federally-funded Procurement Technical Assistance Centers -- as the most comprehensive government contracting resource in the industry. Our web site's free content includes informative newsletters on GSA Schedules, Proposal Writing and Federal Business Development.

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