Do Not Bet the Farm on a Marginal Hand

In poker a bet on a marginal hand is called a "hope bet." You want to be a player, you want to be in the game, so you take chances on marginal hands. It is death in a poker game if you do it consistently.

I believe that "hope bidding" is the single biggest problem for newcomers to the federal market. At Fedmarket we see it over and over again. Many companies gradually perish by spending money on bids that never had a chance to succeed.

The proposal bid/no bid decision is crucial to proposal writing success. Make the bid/no bid decision early and base it on a realistic assessment of your chances to win. The decision should be made before or immediately upon RFP release.

In poker and in federal sales the rule should be: when in doubt, fold. Wait for better opportunities to come your way.

Learn more about the "to bid or not to bid" process. Attend Fedmarket's "Writing and Managing Winning Proposals" seminar. This half-day course will teach you the keys to integrating proposal writing with selling, and how to discern which proposals you may have a good chance of winning.

Many companies believe all competitions are fair and open; they are, and they aren't. Everyone is welcome to take a shot at any opportunity but most bids are written with a vendor in mind. We will teach you to strategically select the bids worth your while and eliminate those that aren't. In doing so you will find you will write less, yet win more

"Writing and Managing Winning Proposals" is also available as a live webinar.

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