Contact Over 100,000 Federal Credit Card Holders

Government credit card holders can make purchases just like you and I do with the credit card in our pocket. The government card holder has, within limits, carte blanche to make the purchase with no questions asked, no proposals, no red tape. In fact, government credit card purchases make up a very important part of the federal market.

Break into government sales by contacting Federal Credit Card Holders.  Fedmarket's contact data gives you access to more than 100,000 government employees with spending privileges.

    "Nearly 200 Army personnel used government charge cards to get $38,000 in cash to spend on 'lap dancing and other forms of entertainment' at strip clubs near military bases." -- Chicago Tribune.

    "The Education Department blocked transactions to about 300 types of businesses to prevent use of cards for casino visits, limousine rentals and veterinary services, among other improper purchases." --
    New York Times.

    "Agriculture Department employees used government credit cards to pay tuition for bartender school, to buy Ozzy Osbourne concert tickets, lingerie and tattoos and to make a down payment on a car." --
    Savannah Morning News.

As taxpayers, we should all shudder and scream about the above-referenced abuse and fraud.  It is despicable, to say the least. The point is that vendors that sell legitimate goods and services should realize that the government credit card market is a lucrative one and is relatively easy to enter.  Jump through the window of opportunity presented by this market and start contacting federal buyers now!

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