Become a Pre Approved Government Vendor

If you are trying to do business with the government without a GSA Schedule, you are limiting your chances of winning government business.

Question: What advantage would getting a GSA Schedule contract give us?

Answer: Having an awarded GSA Schedule contract allows your company to close the deal it has sold in the most expeditious manner possible and with minimal red tape associated with the sale. It sets you apart from your competitor that doesn't have a Schedule contract because the federal buyer would prefer to do business with a Schedule holder because it makes her job that much easier.

Having a GSA Contract Means:

  • You are pre-approved to do business with the government
  • Your prices have been determined to be fair
  • You have demonstrated competency in your field
  • You can sell directly to buyers through GSA Advantage

And remember...  buyer's prefer to work with GSA schedule holders.
Purchasing from a GSA Schedule holder simplifies the purchasing process, eliminates risk, and allows the buyer to shop from his desk top. Buyers can stay out of trouble, reduce their workload, and make federal end users happy. What more could a buyer want?

To become a GSA Schedule contractor, a vendor must first submit an offer in response to the appropriate GSA Schedule solicitation. A GSA Schedule proposal is a lengthy and complicated document. As such, the preparation of such a proposal is difficult and, not surprisingly, a task which is often postponed.

Fedmarket has helped companies obtain GSA schedules for 20-years.  We have the experience to position you to win GSA approval.  Call (888) 661-4094, Ext.2.

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