Alliant 2 Small Business Eligibility Tool

Solve the Bid/No Bid Puzzle: Use Fedmarket's Quick Procedure to Determine Eligibility for the Alliant 2 GWAC.

Alliant 2 is the biggest and most significant of all GSA IT GWACS. All IT small businesses should determine if they qualify and, if not, try to form a team that will qualify.

Like OASIS, the Alliant 2 Small Business Draft RFP has experience requirements that are way overdone and not small business friendly. The requirements in the draft RFP are discouraging to many small IT businesses. Recent procurement legislation will probably force GSA to dampen the overly restrictive teaming agreement requirements in the Draft RFP. But projects size requirements will probably not change.

Stated simply, form a team if you don't qualify as a prime bidder.

Call (888) 661 - 4094, Ext. 2, to request a your complimentary copy of the Eligibility Procedure.

The procedure will save you many hours and at a minimum give you insights into a bid/no bid decision. Solving the overdone project experience scoring game is exceptionally challenging and time consuming. It's not that bad if you have a day or two to spare.

Call us today, we can help:
Call for your copy of Fedmarket's Eligibility Procedure, (888) 661 - 4094, Ext. 2.
We can assist you in forming a joint venture for Alliant 2
Full-service proposal writing for Alliant 2
RFP specific model proposal for Alliant 2

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