What is it

A Joint Venture Matching Service to assist veteran-owned businesses in qualifying for ALLIANT 2 Small Business.

Companies interested in participating in the ALLIANT 2 SB Matching Service should contact:

Marty Wilkinson
(301) 960-5815

Download your Joint Venture Agreement template.

ALLIANT 2 SB Joint Venture Matching Service

Make your move now; once the final RFP is released, it will be too late to form a Joint Venture.

ALLIANT 2 Small Business (ALLIANT 2 SB) has been published at FBO.gov as a Draft RFP. ALLIANT 2 SB is an exceptionally complex RFP with stringent project experience requirements. Fedmarket is offering Proposal Writing Services based on the Draft RFP for small businesses to start on their proposals early.

The small business interest in ALLIANT 2 is exceptionally high because:

  • The Budget Is $ 15 Billion.
  • The period of performance is five years with a five-year option period.
  • The procurement is the single largest Small Business IT GWAC ever awarded by the federal government.

ALLIANT 2 SB project experience requirements are so stringent that all but the largest small businesses will be forced to bid as part of a Joint Venture to qualify for an award. PSC project experience counts for 40 percent of the possible evaluation points. And seven projects are required for maximum points.

Each PSC Group Relevant Experience Project must be ongoing or have been completed within five years from the date proposals are due. Each project must have at least one year of performance unless one of the following situations exist:

  • The project has an Interim or a Final CPARS.
  • The project has a completed Award Fee Determination.
  • The project had a base period of performance less than one year and that period of performance is complete.

No Individual Project Value shall be less than $1 Million in total contract value. NOTE: Total value includes contract options for the total contract period.

Small businesses have enough time to form Joint Ventures because the Final RFP is not expected for one to four months. And GSA may relax the project experience requirements and is not likely to increase the requirements.

ALLIANT 2 SB customers will use the Joint Venture Matching Service to develop Joint Ventures as follows.

  • ALLIANT 2SB customers will submit a Project Experience Form for each of the company's qualifying, single projects. Project Experience Forms will include detailed instructions based on Draft RFP project experience requirements and can be used as part of a Joint Venture proposal.
  • The set of Project Experience Forms from a customer will show the company name and contact information for the company's ALLIANT 2 SB Coordinator. Customers will be divulging their project experience and contact information only to other Fedmarket ALLIANT 2 SB customers.
  • Fedmarket will compile a listing of all customer forms submitted and make the compilation available online.
  • Customers forming Joint Ventures may ask that their forms be deleted from the listing. Fedmarket will keep all Forms strictly confidential and will not use the information for any purpose other than assisting ALLIANT 2 SB customers.
  • Fedmarket will delete Forms after customer's proposals are submitted to GSA.

Companies may be reluctant to show their project experience to others. Project experience is the most valuable asset that a small business can show the government to win federal IT contracts. The government is now demanding contract documents and information for contracting officials to verify the size, scope, and performance of IT projects. Accordingly, project experience is unique to you and cannot be used by others If you have the required proof of project value. And it may be advantageous to publish your experience to others for future joint bids.

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