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Fedmarket has revolutionized GSA Schedule proposal preparation.  Priced at $1,900 Fedmarket's GSA eProposal is a small business's answer to obtaining a GSA Schedule contract;  it's never been simpler or less expensive.

GSA eProposal is a proprietary software product that takes the guess work out of GSA Schedule proposal writing and allows companies to submit a GSA Schedule proposal through eOffer, the official web portal of the General Services Administration (GSA).

Like income tax software, it's fool-proof.  You "fill in the blanks" and you're done!  The program compiles, calculates and creates the final proposal documents.

The benefits of GSA eProposal are many:

  • Clarifies the actual GSA Schedule Request for Proposal and related documents and simplifies the preparation of the proposal 
  • Assists users in preparing proposal documents with "help guided" online templates
  • Organizes and formats your proposal for you
  • Assures proposal is 100% compliant with GSA's requirements
  • Reduces the time it takes GSA to review your proposal 
  • Eliminates common errors that result in proposal rejections
  • Maximizes your profits through providing you with invaluable pricing and negotiating strategies

You need GSA eProposal. Why?

GSA Schedule solicitations are comprised of 10 - 30 documents totaling 200 - 600 pages. Does this tell you something about the complexity of writing a GSA proposal? Go to FedbizOpps and see for yourself. You will find the posted documents massively confusing and ladened with hard-to-discern submittal instructions.   

Imagine trying to call GSA, the SBA, a PTAC or a SCORE office for help. They do not have the resources, experience, or training to provide effective assistance to prospective contractors. Calling them is analogous to asking a bookkeeper to do your corporate income tax return.

Call 888 661 4094, Ext 2, to view a demo of GSA eProposal

Read more about GSA eProposal - Click here.

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